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Tobias Elof

Danish 'ukulele player


+45 24 26 59 16




Danish Tobias Elof has in few years gone from a life as a hopeful young musician to have achieved more than most - touring Europe, Asia and Hawaii, nominated for two Danish Music Awards and admitted to the music academy as the first in world - with the 'ukulele in his hands.


Nordic 'ukulele sound

Tobias Elof began to play the 'ukulele when he was 8 years old - at that time because the fingers were not big enough for bass. Although his fingers grew, the desire to play the distinctive instrument, only increased and today it has become his livelihood.


The 8th of June Elof released debut album 'Ukulele Meditation, represents a chapter in his musical journey as a solo artist. The album has come together over 5 years where Elof has collaborated with many artist like the duo Bremer/McCoy, vocal quartet Åkervinda, and sound engineer Jonas Nakel, whom are releasing the album on Toneart Rec.


"Elof's debut album draws clearly on Nordic roots. It is comfortable, soothing and fluent. It is music from the nature. Music where you can hear the trees grow, the sun is shining and the birds fly."

- Niels Overgård,


A unique live performer

Tobias Elof has performed at venues and festivals in places such as Sweden, the UK, Estonia and Hawaii and has shared the stage with some of the world's biggest 'ukulele icons - including the Hawaiian legend Kimo Hussey and Canadian James Hill.